F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of files are allowed and how large can they be?

We allow .jpg/.jpeg/.gif/.bmp/.png/.tif/.tiff files. The maximum size is 1 MB (1024 KB ~ 1048576 Byte).

Is the service free ?

Yes! JustPic offers completely free image hosting!

What for ?

The social networking sites generally don't offer free hosting service for your images. You can upload your pictures and images in JustPic and use the code generated to show the images in the site that you want, as well as to post images on websites, blogs and forums.

How many images can I upload ?

You can upload as many images as you want!

What kind of images can i upload ?

You can upload all kinds of images, unless they are:

To report an images which violate these rules, please visit the contact page.

I'm using Internet Explorer and have major problems using the site. What can i do ?

Well first you can kick yourself for using this browser so far. We strongly advice you to use ANY other browser than IE, for ex. Firefox.
You can find further informations about using or not using the internet explorer here.